Valerie Chua Jin Xia (Private Candidate)

I took my A Levels in 2015 and obained a D grade for my H2 Economics. Since my results could not get me into the course that I desired, I decided to retake my A Levels in 2016.

When I first started studying in late July for my A Levels in 2016, I realized that I had forgotten many, if not all, of the concepts. That was when I found EconsLab online and decided to seek help from Ms Foo. I opted for a one-to-one tuition with her as I felt that I needed more help.

Ms Foo is a very patient teacher who went through all the topics with me in detail. She ensured that I grasped the concepts well before trying questions. Furthermore, Ms Foo taught me the good techniques of writing good Economics essays and answering source-based questions. She has equipped me with the skills to tackle any questions without difficulties. Moreover, she would always bring in engaging methods to teach so that the lessons would not be boring. Nearing the A Levels exams (in October), she offered to give me extra lessons at no charge to ensure that I was fully prepared for the exams.

I have received my results this year and obtained a B grade. I am very grateful to Ms Foo and the unconditional help that she had given me. Thank you Ms Foo!

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