Ms Foo Soo Yee

Principal Tutor

Ms Foo did her Master in Applied Economics with Singapore Management University and graduated with spectacular results by being in the Dean's List. To qualify for a Dean's List placement, a GPA of 3.7 or better out of 4.0 has to be achieved at the end of the programme. Ms Foo achieved a high score of 3.81 for her Dean's List placement. Ms Foo did her undergraduate training in the National University of Singapore where she graduated with a Degree in Economics (Merit). She did Microeconomics and Macroeconomics amongst other Economics modules and scored distinction. Ms Foo continues to be passionate about Economics upon graduation and hence decided to focus on tutoring junior college and IB students who needed help in JC and IB Economics.

Ms Foo believes in doing well academically so that she can be a source of inspiration to her students. Nothing beats being a good role model. She also believes in lifelong learning and that the knowledge she acquired from the Masters programme could value-add to her students' learning. She did modules such as International Trade and Public Finance along with other Economics modules and achieved academic excellence by scoring distinction.

Over the years, Ms Foo has honed her reputation as an outstanding tutor with a consistent ability to produce numerous JC and IB students with excellent GCE ‘A’ level and IB results in Economics year after year. Her track record is even more remarkable considering that majority of students who first joined her classes obtained either a U, S or E grade for their latest Common Test or Promotional Test in school. After Ms Foo's guidance, marked improvement can be seen progressively leading to the ‘A’ level exam where the majority of her students secure their targeted A or B grades. For some of these students who had been previously failing and had given up hope on the subject, the big jump in their grades is truly admirable.

Ms Foo does not wish to be branded as a “Turnaround Specialist” although she has noted that many students see improvements in their grades within a short span of a few months. Results do vary due to the unique abilities of each student although Ms Foo's teaching is consistent. Hence, Ms Foo’s advice for her students is to seek help early rather than leave it to the last minute.

Owing to Ms Foo's many years of teaching and interacting with students, she has devised her own effective way of delivering the content to her students, who love her teaching and have provided plenty of positive feedback. Comments such as “Ms Foo! You're better than my school teacher! Why don't you teach in my school?” certainly keeps her motivated to continue to deliver her best for her students. It is best to experience for yourself the effectiveness of her teaching by attending Ms Foo's classes – after all, seeing, hearing and experiencing is believing!