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Economics Prelims Scripts Review

It’s the time of the year that our Dean’s List Super Star Tutor Ms Foo review Prelims scripts for her students.

While most students are still waiting for their results as Prelims just ended not too long, some students who had their exams prior to September holidays got back their results. In particular, a U-grader student showed vast improvement with a 3-grade jump to D ! Well done to this student and also the rest who improved !

Would you like to have your Economics exam scripts reviewed? It is important to identify why it is wrong to bring in certain Economics concepts even if you have elaborated them well. This is because that concepts might not even be relevant to answering the question. And so, have you analyzed the questions correctly then? Why not? Or is it more like a case of not knowing how to elaborate your point even though it is relevant?

Let Ms Foo give you a complimentary review of your exam scripts to uncover the issues you have been facing. It is not useful to just read the answer key provided to you to know what should have been the correct answer. In addition, it is important to understand why it is wrong to use certain concepts, why it is incorrect to use certain points in your answers although theoretically correct and well elaborated.

You could very well be the next one to see a huge jump in your grades in the A Levels exams which is just a month away. Contact Ms Foo now for a crash session.

Hope to see you soon!

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Excellent improvement in JC Economics - you could be next !

Well done to one of our students who scored an A Grade for Economics in his Midyear Exams ! From S grade to A since he joined EconsLab in January 2019. Impressive ! Congrats once again for the good job and just some vouchers for the good work.

Fear of doing badly for your upcoming Economics Prelim Exams ? Running out of time ? Join our group tuition and you could very well be the next to Excel in JC Economics !

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Reward for doing well in MYE - quick turnaround in Economics grade

EconsLab is happy to give out Popular vouchers to reward students who did well in their JC Economics Midyear Exams (MYE).

Quick turnaround from U grade to D or even C for our students. That’s at least three grades improvement after joining EconsLab’s tuition classes. Not to mention some students with extraordinary results by clinching an A grade in their MYE. Well done students! Their perseverance is admirable.

Due to the quick turnaround in Economics grade experienced by our accomplished graduates, our principal tutor Ms Foo won many referrals to help students who are weak in JC or IB Economics. Ms Foo strongly believes in miracles which is possible with hard work and techniques mastery necessary to ace Economics.

Join our tuition classes today and receive a complimentary analysis of your exam scripts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How did you fare for MYE 2019?

JC Economics MYE results are out yet you found that you did not pass nor do quite well for the subject.

Despite having gone through the solutions in school, you still do not understand what went wrong with your answers. You just could not figure out what went wrong and why you have not been able to really apply the Economics concepts to the questions effectively.

Register for our group tuition class and receive a complimentary analysis of your Economics exam scripts to identify exactly what needs to be done to see the leap in your grade for the next big exam which is Prelims.

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Principal tutor Ms Foo is an inspiration to her students

Our Principal Tutor, Ms Foo, was placed on the Dean’s List for the Masters of Applied Economics programme at Singapore Management University (SMU). Ms Foo is honoured to appear in the marketing materials of SMU and believes prospective students would greatly benefit from the programme just like she did. Ms Foo continues to inspire and motivate her students to do well academically as she herself sets as a good example.

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Release of GCE A Levels Results 2019

It’s another terrific year for EconsLab as our students achieved 100% passes for Economics! Well done and efforts definitely paid off! Here are some Whatsapp messages from students.

Out of the 100% passes, 60% scored As & Bs, 23% scored C and the minority of 17% scored Ds & Es. The breakdown for As and Bs is quite balanced at 50% in each category. In view that 90% of students scored either a U or S grade in their Midyear or Preliminary Exam prior to joining EconsLab for Economics tuition, the results is definitely remarkable! Vast improvement seen especially in some students.

Well done to all students once again and wishing you the very best in your next journey!

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