11 Reasons Why You Should ChoosE EconsLab

1. Highly Experienced Star Tutor

Armed with more than 10 years of tutoring experience, Ms Foo (the Principal Tutor of EconsLab) is well-versed and competent in teaching JC and IB Economics, and is confident in helping her students achieve tremendous improvement. View numerous testimonials and accolades written by our students year after year, which speak volumes about Ms Foo’s wealth of experience, knowledge and proven teaching methodology.

2. Consistent Teaching Quality

There is just one star tutor in EconsLab – none other than Ms Foo herself, who possesses the extraordinary ability to help her students understand difficult Economics concepts with ease, and apply them to score high marks in essays and CSQs. Ms Foo is dedicated to personally coach and tutor all her students. Hence, the high quality of teaching is ensured for all our classes. Compare that to having a group of tutors – while you may get different perspectives from different tutors, the consistency in teaching quality is likely to be compromised.

3. No Last Minute Cancellation

In the event of any rescheduling or cancellation of lessons, you will be informed well in advance (at least 24 hours). You can be sure that there will be no last minute cancellation of classes. Ms Foo is a responsible tutor who cannot bear to see her students waste their time traveling down to her centre for tuition only to find out that the lesson is cancelled.

4. Free Consultation All Day Long

Ms Foo offers 24/7 FREE consultation via SMS, email or WhatsApp for all her students, should they need to clarify any concepts or ask any questions. So as to minimize any disruption to the class or student she is teaching, she is committed to reply to these questions outside of her teaching hours.

5. Free Marking & Review

Ms Foo provides complimentary marking and review of students’ essays and CSQs. She provides comments as to what went wrong in the students’ answers. Many times students do not understand why they could not answer the way they did and hence mistakes are repeated. This process adds value to her students’ learning. Compared to reading standard answer key which is easily available, Ms Foo’s effort to pinpoint her students’ mistakes makes learning more effective to clinch the A Grade in Economics.

6. Examination Skills Teaching

Ms Foo teaches top examination skills required to ace the subject. Sometimes, it is not just about the ability to structure your essays or answers well ; you need to develop the ultimate skill to generate your points accurately and quickly. Otherwise, it will not work even if you can write well but get stuck at generating points.

7. Excellent Track Record

Ms Foo has an excellent track record in Economics tuition, having received lots of testimonials from her former students who have vouched for her commitment, patience, super teaching method and ability to turn around their less-than-stellar grade to an A! Ms Foo is definitely a reliable tutor you can trust and that explains why her former students consistently refer friends or relatives to her for tuition every year.

8. Caring & Inspiring

Ms Foo is not just a tutor who teaches Economics. But, a friend till the very end who stays by her students’ side throughout their journey towards the final exams. Ms Foo motivates, inspires and encourages her students to do well. She genuinely cares for her students.

9. Affordable Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are kept affordable so that all students from different backgrounds will be able to attend our classes to learn. In some cases, Ms Foo has even waived off tuition fees to students with financial difficulties to help them cope with their family situation. Ms Foo firmly believes that everyone has the right to learn and should not be deprived of learning just because of financial difficulties. Ms Foo helps whenever she can. There are also different class types to choose from to suit different learning styles and attention needs, namely: individual, twin, small group and normal group tuition.

10. Small Class Sizes

At EconsLab, our normal group tuition classes are capped to a maximum of 10 students per class, to allow for optimal discussion in class without compromising personal attention. For normal group tuition, each lesson runs for 2 hours, which enables Ms Foo to adequately cover the content and practise questions. For small group tuition, class size is kept to between 3 to 4 students.

11. Trial Lesson

Ms Foo is so convinced by her teaching that she offers one payable trial lesson to potential students (limited period only) who could decide later after attending the trial lesson whether to continue tuition under Ms Foo's guidance. Contact Ms Foo now and experience her illuminating teaching style. You have absolutely nothing to lose by making the trip down to EconsLab – good materials, drinks and snacks and the chance to clear your doubts in just one lesson!