Chen Qin Ting (Dunman High School)

I decided to attend Economics tuition last June to prepare for my Common Test as I did not understand some of the content taught in school. During lessons, Ms Foo always ensures that every single one of us fully comprehends what she has taught before moving on to teach new content. Though it can be exasperating to repeat something again and again, she never finds it so and gladly explains to us again if we did not grasp it the first time.

She also always brings in real world examples to complement the content that she is teaching, which can be used in essays and case studies as well. Even though she only has short intervals between lessons due to her packed class schedule, she is still willing to answer and clarify my doubts on the things she had just taught. Overall, her modus operandi in teaching creates a warm and light-hearted atmosphere that allows her lessons to be more engaging.

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