Cheryl Chui Li Wen (Hwa Chong Institution)

I started receiving tuition from Ms Foo at the start of my JC2 year. Scoring an S for the JC1 Promo Exams and having a percentile of 37% effectively caused alarm bells to ring. Upon the first tuition lesson, it became clear that Ms Foo was not only well-versed in the subject she teaches, but passionate about it too. Her enthusiasm made lessons enjoyable and many times, the two hours just seemed to fly away.

With her comprehensive notes, the subject became a lot less baffling. Most importantly, she taught me how to analyse the questions and answer them well. Under her guidance (and with the encouraging text messages she would send), my grades improved, scoring a C in the Prelim Exams with a percentile of 82%. Eventually, as Ms Foo had expected of me but never gave me undue pressure even, I scored an A in the A Levels.

On a more personal level, I found myself gaining interest in real-world applications of the various theories. This interest grew large enough to have me list Economics as one of my undergraduate degree choices. This is a definite testament of how infectious Ms Foo’s enthusiasm is.

I most certainly owe Ms Foo a large ‘Thank You!’ for all she has done. The words on the paper made sense to me as she taught me the language of Economics.

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