Jessica Lim Wan Xuan (Raffles Institution)

I joined Ms Foo in early 2010 for Economics tuition lessons. Although I started lessons with Ms Foo late, no time was wasted at all as she quickly sat down with me and made sure that I was on par with my peers in school.

Her effective teaching methods which includes the oral discussion of essay questions and analysis of case studies, had allowed me to develop quick-thinking skills as well as the ability to expand my ideas coherently into a proper paragraph. In addition, a patient tutor herself, Ms Foo makes sure that I clearly understand a particular economic theory by taking time to explain the concept concisely to me. In order to allow me to better understand such concepts, Ms Foo often provides me with real-life examples through newspaper articles and current affairs.

Lastly, I am thankful to Ms Foo for her tireless effort in marking and correcting the assignments I had handed in – her comments and feedback had made a great difference in the quality of my written work and an overall improvement in the subject.

Overall, Ms Foo is not only a tutor to me but more of a friend who would always be there to encourage and support me all the way to the end. Thank you Ms Foo! :)

TestimonialKC Eng