Shermain Chin (River Valley High School)

Ms Foo has been a fantastic Economics tutor. She possesses various qualities of an excellent teacher, such as her patience, understanding, encouraging nature and bubbly personality, making it easy to talk to her. Ms Foo is clear in her explanations, and she readily breaks down and explains Economics concepts clearly and concisely.

Ms Foo takes the extra effort to understand my strengths and weaknesses, tapping upon this knowledge to address my difficulties encountered, while aligning the lessons according to my needs. For example, being weaker in Micro Economics, Ms Foo places greater focus on it, ensuring that I do attempt Micro Economics essay questions rather than simply tackling Macro Economics (I eventually attempted the Micro essay in the A Levels exam!)

I have gained much from Ms Foo’s lessons. Ms Foo’s dedication to teach and help me improve is evident, from her teaching on its own, and reflected in the significant improvement of my Economics grades. From my constant struggle with Economics – scoring straight ‘U’s and not understanding it while also detesting this subject, I became an ‘A’ student the first term Ms Foo started teaching me. I have since understood many concepts I found foreign, scoring an ‘A’ for my Economics A Levels, and Economics eventually becoming my favourite subject in school.

Under Ms Foo’s unwavering guidance and support, I have improved leaps and bounds in Economics and have come to appreciate Economics and its relevance in the real world.

I am thankful for having met Ms Foo who is such a motivating and nurturing teacher. Thank you, Ms Foo! Thank you for all your help, effort and time! :)

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