Au Yeong Sok Mun (Pioneer Junior College)

Going for Ms Foo’s tuition was like a place for me to reinforce my learning, put my Economics skills into practice and also learn new skills so as to better prepare myself for the upcoming examinations! Ms Foo makes us think on the spot whenever we are answering her questions, allowing us to simulate exam conditions where we also have to read the question, refer to the case and also think on the spot to craft our answers!  In addition to that, going for Ms Foo’s tuition allowed me to gain more knowledge on Economic terms that were not taught in school. She also further prepares us, by giving us concise notes for us to refresh our memory and revise.

Ms Foo is also a very caring teacher, whenever she sees that we are all very tired, she tries to lighten up the mood or wakes us up by telling jokes or sharing personal stories!  These jokes never fail to make me laugh. 

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