Yeong Qian Hui (Hwa Chong Institution)

Economics baffled me throughout my JC life. I could never wrap my head around how to score in exams and wasn’t even conceptually clear with all my content, leading to dismal results every exam time.

That I was able to improve is very much thanks to Ms Foo’s efforts. She was able to identify my weak areas, and week after week patiently answer my endless questions with clear explanations. She also always marked extra practices and went through them with me, helping me realize other areas I needed to work on. Most importantly, Ms Foo gave tips on answering both case studies and essay questions, and her techniques provided a very focused and structured way I could follow.

Above all, Ms Foo’s teaching is truly inspiring. Her passion for the subject is clear in the animated and engaging way she conducts her lessons, which made the subject less dreary. Her willingness to answer questions via Whatsapp 24/7, and her long text messages of encouragement prior to exams, show just how caring and dedicated she is to her students.

Regardless of my As result, thank you so much for all your guidance Ms Foo! May you keep enlightening other students grappling with this subject. 

ReviewKC Eng