Review of JC Economics Prelims Exam Scripts

It’s a signature of EconsLab to provide value-added service to our students through complimentary review of their exam scripts and home practice. It is encouraging to see improvement in students’ grades - some students experienced two or even three grade improvement from a U or S grade within a short span of time! Practising questions alone is not good enough. Guidance needs to be given to students to help them identify where and what went wrong when writing out their answers be it for CSQ or essays.

For the JC1 students taking Economics, it is advisable to build a strong foundation in the subject before advancing to JC2. Are you having difficulty in the subject not knowing what went wrong? A review of your scripts would help identify the problem you might be experiencing. Is it content gap? Elaboration gap? Question misinterpretation? All would be dealt with here at EconsLab.

EconsLab offers individual one-on-one, twin, small group as well as normal group tuition to cater to students with different learning needs and attention for H1 and H2 Economics. Registration is now open to new students promoting to JC2. EconsLab will be conducting revision classes for the new intake of JC1 students (promoting to JC2) in Nov 2018 which helps to serve as a refresher for key Economics concepts including class practices with guidance. Do register your interest by contacting us.

Secondary school students who are considering taking Economics as a subject at JC and would like to find out more about the subject, EconsLab do offer introductory lectures as well. For students who wish to have a headstart in this subject, our classes begin in early Jan 2019.

Economics is not a difficult subject to master. The achievement of our students at EconsLab speaks for itself. Testimonials are available for viewing on our website.