Benjamin Michael Lim Wen Shih (Hwa Chong Institution)

Before beginning my tuition lessons with Ms Foo, my Economics grades were consistently rather poor. While I did enjoy the subject itself, I never really managed to get my head around all the essays we had to write, and how we were supposed to write them. Coupled with being a rather slow writer, this result in my Economics Block Tests, Mid-years, End of Year Exams you name it, all almost consistently around an E grade (i.e. about a D after some moderation). In my JC2 Block Test, I literally did not do one of my essays (almost) due to a lack of time, which resulted in me getting a U for my Econs grade for that test. It was about then when we started looking for an Economics tutor. My mother happened to know a colleague whose child was also attending Economics tuition, and it was in that way that I was referred to Ms Foo for tuition.

I began my lessons with Ms Foo when the June holidays started, about two weeks in or so as I was busy for the first two. I carried on with the tuition until about the week before the final Economics paper during my A Levels. When teaching, Ms Foo was always interesting and engaging, and would always ensure that her students had 100% understanding of what was taught, specially taking out time to help those who had not understood or acquired the necessary essay skills. If any of her students had forgotten certain concepts or facts, she would make sure to go through it with them, to ensure they remembered it.

During this period of time, I found myself learning and understanding how everything linked together, and also how the flow of an Economics essay should be like. Consequently, I saw a similar improvement in my grades, eventually getting a C for my Prelims results. With some more effort, and assistance from Ms Foo’s tuition lessons, I managed to get my A for the A Levels! All in all, Ms Foo is a competent and engaging teacher, with plenty of patience to spare for the weaker students. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for Economics tuition to her.

Thank you Ms Foo!

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