Amanda Lee (Anderson Junior College)

I first decided to join Ms Foo’s Economics tuition at the start of JC1 just to get myself more familiar with the new subject. From then on, I have gained so much more and I am glad that I have made the right decision.

Ms Foo has great knowledge and insight in the discipline of Economics which makes her very resourceful. She is a dedicated and caring teacher who believes in all her students. Her valuable guidance has helped develop my interest in Economics and cultivate deep critical thinking skills to push further.

Ms Foo’s self-crafted notes helped simplify difficult concepts and deepen our understanding as well as clear up any misconception or doubts that we might be facing in school. Also, Ms Foo goes the extra mile to teach us beyond the curriculum for us to see the bigger picture of things. She constantly prompted us to think further which enabled us to improve our evaluation skills and craft well-reasoned arguments from different perspectives. From then on, I found that my essays have greater scope and depth which brought them to a higher level and helped differentiate them from the rest.

I appreciate the sense of humor Ms Foo has to lighten the mood of the classes, making them interactive and engaging. She shows great passion in teaching and is very supportive.

Thank you Ms Foo for all your hard work and patience, during my course of learning so that I could do well in A Levels to clinch an A grade in Economics.

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