Chan De Quan (Hwa Chong Institution)

Before I went for tuition with Ms Foo, Economics was my worst subject as I was getting U for my tests. Hence, I began tuition under Ms Foo to prepare for my promotional examination.

After joining Ms Foo’s class, she helped me gain more confidence in Economics through her unwavering encouragement and guidance. She also equipped me with the necessary skills to tackle both the essays and case study questions, showing me that Economics is more than a subject about pure memory.

She was caring and meticulous in ensuring that we understood every detail of the subject, often encouraging class participation such that she can ensure that we understood how to answer the questions posed in the examinations. Furthermore, she often prepared news articles in order to equip us with real life examples and applications of Economics, giving us a deeper understanding of the subject while bringing our essays to the next level.

Ms Foo made Economics a much more interesting subject and I am grateful for everything she has done. Thank you Ms Foo for helping me secure an A grade for Economics!

TestimonialKC Eng