Wan Zhi Qing (Nanyang Junior College)

Without trying to sound too much like a typical advertisement for good tuition teachers like so many tuition centres do with their flyers and handouts, I can honestly say (without any doubt) that Ms Foo is indeed a great Economics tutor!

Having scored ‘U’s for this subject in JC1, a friend finally suggested that I go for tuition and introduced Ms Foo to me. Initially, I had only agreed so that my parents wouldn’t worry too much about me not putting enough effort into my studies. I didn’t believe that tuition would help improve my grades as I was simply unable to grasp the mechanics of this subject.

However, I was proven wrong when I saw that Ms Foo was more than adequate in explaining the various policies to me. A 1.5 hour tuition session with her had cleared most of the doubts and misconceptions I had been having for months. I eventually managed to scrape an ‘E’ for my Promos. Ms Foo had bolstered my confidence so much that I opted to take H2 Economics instead of H1, like before, when I decided to repeat my JC2 year.

My progress in Economics has been a difficult one, but it is a fact that I never would have scored an ‘A’ in the ‘A’ Levels exam if Ms Foo hadn’t been there to encourage and reassure me that I would definitely excel. Her confidence in her students is very heartening and I believe that is what makes an excellent teacher.

The path to getting an ‘A’ is not an easy one and it’s impossible to achieve overnight results. Most of the effort has to come from the student, but Ms Foo makes the journey so much easier with the amount of care and concern she has for all of her students, not to mention her expertise in Economics itself. 

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