Diane Ong (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)

Economics was an entirely new subject for me in JC and even though the concepts appeared easy to understand initially, my results for Economics never seemed to reflect likewise. My grades shifted between the E, S, U range with little improvement. Similarly, my interest in Economics also dwindled.

I joined EconsLab about 2 weeks before my JC1 Promotional Exam (2009) and despite the short period, my grade improved from the previous U to an E. Ms Foo’s tips and teaching also enlightened me to the links between the economics concepts, simultaneously seeing both the big and small pictures. Her teaching style also encouraged me to think and explain the answers on my own rather than being spoon-fed. This style of teaching is especially useful as it is similar to an exam setting where we would have to brainstorm and explain our points in a limited period of time. It also motivated me to revise more thoroughly and know my concepts sufficiently to enhance the fruitfulness of each lesson.

With the tuition at EconsLab, my detest for Economics was transformed to an interest. The numerous references made to current economic news during lessons allowed me to realise the importance of Economics and its applicability to life. As such, Ms Foo has not only imparted to me the necessary Economics knowledge but also, a more in-depth understanding of how the world’s economy functions.

With the availability of crash courses, comprehensive notes and Ms Foo’s detailed explanation, EconsLab certainly provides a very wholesome education in Economics. Through the span of the JC2 year, my Economics grade climbed from an E to a C, and eventually an A at the GCE A Levels! EconsLab has not only enabled me to excel in the subject but also developed in me, a strong interest in Economics. Lessons at EconsLab were always insightful and interactive which transformed this apparently “dry” subject to something fun-filled and interesting.

I have always enjoyed the tuition sessions at EconsLab with Ms Foo’s fun and interactive approach to teaching! I am certain that with her professionalism and versatility, Ms Foo would be able to continue to discover teaching styles that are appropriate and useful for all students!

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