Cheo Jiaying (St. Andrew's Junior College)

I remember clearly that my grade for the first Economics test I had in school was a U; thereafter I hated this new subject in JC and had the impression that “I’m just not an Econs person”.

Sometime around September/October 2009, as my mother was worried for my final year promotional examination, she enrolled me in Ms Foo’s Econs tuition and told Ms Foo to help me attain at least a pass by the end of JC 1 – and I did.

I also remember clearly that I always looked forward to Ms Foo’s tuition, and this was something unusual for me as I always hated the ideal of having to attend extra lessons outside school. I believe it was because Ms Foo was (and still is) very cheerful and encouraging; she always told me to never give up on Econs, and I’ll definitely see an A for Econs on my result slip – true enough, she did not lie!

Her vast knowledge in Econs concepts and professional experience in her teaching methodology are undoubtable. It amazes me how she is able to readily explain so many of the confusing Econs concepts so clearly and make them more comprehensive for her students. Personally, I also admire her patience in teaching her students, especially me, since I used to ask her so many silly questions and made her repeat herself a thousand times!

Besides being a teacher, I somehow felt that Ms Foo was also a friend to me. I could tell her everything that happened in school on that day – complain to her about the teachers in school, I rant about how boring Biology lesson was and also my most common complaint-of-the-day: how tired I was! I appreciate how thoughtful Ms Foo was (and still is) as she always told her students to grab a drink from her mini-fridge to refresh themselves before her lesson. She also never fails to make her lessons interactive and interesting to engage her students despite herself being drained from endless back-to-back tuition classes (especially during the peak exam period).

Honestly, Ms Foo was (and still is) the best tuition teacher I’ve ever had! I believe many of her students will agree with me. Not only does she present herself as a professional, approachable and caring teacher, her constant reminders for students to “revise, revise and revise” as well as text messages to express her well wishes and pre-exam reminders really did show her determination and passion to help every student attain an A for Econs, even for other subjects as well.

I believe Ms Foo will continue to be a awesome teacher and friend to her current and future students, for she has successfully triggered my interest in Econs and led me to pursue an Econs-related course in the University.

All the best Ms Foo!

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