Ethanyn Lim (Hwa Chong Institution)

When I first started JC1 life, I found that although I could understand the Economics concepts, when it came to writing essays I just couldn’t perform well. I decided to join EconsLab and Ms Foo really helped my Economics grade improve slowly but surely, through many weeks of going through concepts and practice questions. From Us in JC1 and early JC2 to S, and finally E in Prelims, my grades were not stellar. My school Economics tutor paled in comparison to Ms Foo’s explanation and way of teaching, and I believe that it is thanks to her help that during the ‘A’ levels exam I was able to pull up my dismal grades to an A! I was amazed at my grades when I finally received them and I am really grateful to Ms Foo for all her help and guidance!

TestimonialKC Eng