Valerie (Temasek Junior College)

I started tuition with Ms Foo at the end of my JC1 year, after I scored an ‘S’ for my Promotional exams. Being from the Arts Stream, I constantly struggled with Economics and had never gotten past an ‘E’ grade in my first year at JC.

Being frustrated and worried, I decided to join Ms Foo’s tuition class. Ms Foo was extremely patient and optimistic with all of her students and consistently encouraged us to never give up hope and to keep trying. Her bubbly personality and optimistic attitude greatly inspired me, and I eventually began to like Economics. My grades started to improve greatly and even my school Economics tutor was impressed with me. I like how Ms Foo can explain and teach Economics in such a simple way. She is very thorough in her guidance, as seen in the systematic way she taught us. She would always go through the basics with us to ensure that we truly understood the chapters, then teach us essay skills and practice with us. She would even cut out newspaper articles for us to use in our essays as real world examples.

I eventually scored a ‘B’ at my ‘A’ Levels. Although it was not the grade that I had hoped for, I am still grateful to Ms Foo. If it were not for her guidance and continuous encouragement, I would have given up a long time ago and done a lot worse for my A levels. Thanks for being such a great help and inspiration to me throughout this journey! I am currently thinking of applying to Economics at university. Thanks once again for making Economics so fun and thank you for your SMSes of encouragement. I’m very glad that I was able to attend your tuition lessons and I’ll definitely recommend you to students around. :)

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