Gabriel Tan Jie Liang (Temasek Junior College)

I remember joining class only in my second year. Truthfully, I felt I was struggling to escape the chasm of misunderstandings for Economics. Not blaming my JC tutor to be not helpful, but rather, I felt I needed a tutor who was straightforward yet knowledgeable to know when to take useful shortcuts.

Ms Foo’s teaching undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. Personally, I had high expectations since JC1 to do well, partly because it was something I want to pursue in future. Her teaching underscores effective learning. Through key phrases, ‘linking up the dots’ and encouraging me to hold an open view when learning Economics, understanding and applying concepts became a smoother process in school (especially with my teacher who greatly focuses on real-world example learning which are often riddles with complex theories).

Ms Foo also emphasised the importance of cogent and technical writing while avoiding the ‘GP style’ altogether. In brushing up my GP simultaneously, I was conflicted as to what was considered cogent/concise in Economics. But with her patience and helpful nagging and ever willingness to mark extra essays amidst her concomitant studies, she had successfully instilled in me cogent writing in the Economics way so as to bring out the key points fast, completely and orderly.

Nonetheless, her relentless drive to review weaker topics, sometimes on a one-to-one basis on SMS, and unfailing encouragement had indeed made me appreciate and study Economics more effectively and enthusiastically to secure an A at the A Levels examination!

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