Ng Wen Xin (Hwa Chong Institution)

I had always been a ‘straight U’ student for Economics in my Year 1 in JC. I started tuition with Ms Foo in the beginning of Year 2 and that was when I developed a brand new perspective of the subject.

Ms Foo was really patient in clarifying my doubts and enquiries with Economics, often giving us helpful tips in answering the different types of questions posed to us. Even though I was reluctant to open up during lessons, her passion and enthusiasm in teaching Economics gave me the confidence to raise my opinions during lesson time, and made me realise that my contribution to the class can help me internalise my concepts better. Her explanations are also very clear, and she would incorporate real life examples in her teaching and link them to the concepts in the syllabus to help us understand better.

Despite busy teaching other students, Ms Foo is always dedicated in ensuring that her students know where their mistakes lies. It is routine for us to submit our school examination scripts to her so that she could scrutinize them and advise us on areas of improvement on answering the question by penning down her thoughts on post-it notes and attaching them to our scripts. She welcomes additional practice exercises from her students and is very efficient in vetting through the dozens of scripts being submitted to her. A dedicated tutor, Ms Foo offers a 24-hour Whatsapp service where students can pose questions to her over instant messaging to clarify her students’ doubts.

Nearing the A Levels period, Ms Foo also took time off her busy schedule to write personalized cards for each of her student to give them a last boost of morale and confidence before they face their papers. Though it may seem like a small gesture, but I am sure that it touched the hearts of every single one of her students and gave them the encouragement to do their best for Economics.

Thank you Ms Foo! I wouldn’t have achieved an ‘A’ for Economics for my A Levels without you! I owe my success to you and I’m really glad I didn’t disappoint you after all! :)

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