Ho Ning Li (Dunman High School)

Due to my far-from-stellar performance for my JC2 Common Test (S grade for Economics), I decided to seek help. I was glad to be in the small group tuition under Ms Foo because we are given the liberty to decide on the contents we want to go through in class, so we could focus on our areas of weakness.

Ms Foo is very encouraging and approachable and I was not afraid to clarify any Economics concepts with her, sometimes making silly statements even (but Ms Foo said that at least I would not make the same mistakes in ‘A’ Levels!)

Also, Ms Foo is armed with relevant and current news articles showing Economics theories in the practical/real world, which I find pretty useful to use as examples in our essays! Seeing that Economics had been my weakest subject throughout my JC years, I am thankful that I got a B for ‘A’ Levels given the short span of time with Ms Foo!

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