Lim Yilian (Serangoon Junior College)

I was a Year 2 student in Serangoon Junior College in 2010 facing a stagnant period with my Economics grades that simply couldn’t exceed a “S” since Year 1. Despite all the effort that I’ve invested into memorising my facts, the grades just weren’t showing. I simply couldn’t get through this crisis and it was then I decided to engage external help.

Thankfully it was Ms Foo whom I’ve engaged. Not only was she insightful in identifying the difficulties I was facing, she was also prompt in setting things right. One of the key ideas that Ms Foo taught me was that Economics is not simply just about memorising but also having to understand and applying it relevantly and appropriately. However, that was very much the difficulty that I was facing with Economics back then. Seeing that problem in me, Ms Foo took an extra effort to make clearer explanations for all my doubt while drawing to real life examples and references making the seemingly dull content easier to digest.

Under Ms Foo’s comprehensive guidance, I’m now proud to say that I’m an “A” student of Economics!

Thank you Ms Foo, for your support and text messages of last minute reminders and encouragement you send every time before a major exam!

Economics is made fun with you around!

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