Ishmael Nassier Nicholas (Victoria Junior College)

Before I entered EconsLab, I was a struggling Economics student. It seemed like a very difficult subject for me, as I struggled with Economics concepts and essay writings. My search for an Economics tutor led me to Ms Foo, and I most definitely did not regret my decision to sign up for her classes. Ms Foo’s patience and dedication in her teaching and her vast knowledge of the subject helped me to improve in Economics and gave me greater confidence in my own abilities.


Ms. Foo’s lessons have also helped me develop as a person and spurred my interest in Economics greatly. Economics no longer seemed so draggy to me and I worked hard for my Prelims and A Levels. Ms Foo’s lessons were definitely the turning point in my Economics journey, and I am grateful for her guidance throughout which got me an A grade for Economics in the A Levels exam!

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