Jasmine Kuah (River Valley High School)

Having started my first lesson on 1 August 2015, I’ve only attended Ms Foo’s Economics lessons for a mere 3 months before having to take my A Levels exams. And yet, in those few months, under Ms Foo’s guidance and tips on how to tackle Economics essays and CSQs, my Economics grade went from a U to an A! Ms Foo reinforced and revised concepts that I’ve learnt in school and provided additional Economics knowledge which boosted the content of my essays and CSQ answers.

Ms Foo’s lessons are easy to follow and interactive – making sure that students understood everything that was taught and was able to apply it in their answers and under exam conditions. Ms Foo is also very patient in teaching us and gave me a lot of help when I needed it.

Thank you Ms Foo for everything that you’ve done for us, from the weekly discussions of essay questions and CSQs to the invaluable feedback that you’ve given me for my practice essays, your teachings and encouragements have helped me scored an A grade in a subject that I’ve been constantly failing. Thank you for restoring my confidence in a subject that I never thought I could ever pass! :)

TestimonialKC Eng