Jessica Teck (Private Candidate, 2013)

I was from Hwa Chong Institution but I wasn’t from the Arts stream, I was doing Science. I decided to take up H2 Economics to see what major I would like in university.

I had my Hwa Chung mates’ notes but literally zero experience in Economics. I don’t know what lectures were like and I didn’t attend any Economics-related things in Hwa Chong.

I started studying Economics under Ms Foo in August 2013 for about twelve or so lessons and in three months, I went from nothing to an ‘A’ grade for H2 Economics in the A Levels exam.

The first lesson I was sitting like a stunned duck because honestly I only started mugging after August, and reading the notes is not the same as applying Ms Foo’s analytical mind to questions and using Economic theory (not General Paper structure) to the question. She was the one who taught me how to structure my essays and not ‘jump the gun’ and through her I learnt not just to evaluate scenarios well, I also learnt how to use the most concise phrases for an ‘A’. She will also tell you what you need to do in graphs etc.

She is also really caring (thank you for saving the ice tea for me multiple times haha) and a very genuine person.

Good luck and all the best for Ms Foo!

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