Sandra Tan (Raffles Institution)

I started attending Ms Foo’s classes before even starting JC1 as my friend was looking for a buddy to start a group tuition class. Back then, I wasn’t sure of attending tuition and felt that it was a waste of time. However, Ms Foo’s clear explanations of every idea in the topics really grounded my concepts in Economics. When Economics lectures in school first started, most of my friends were lost as the lecturer sped through the topics within the short one-hour slot, whereas I could grasp all the concepts taught. I began to appreciate Ms Foo’s slower-paced classes, with the flexibility of allowing us to clarify our doubts by asking questions which she would patiently answer. It was through these classes that I built a strong conceptual foundation in Economics that most of my peers lacked.

Moreover, Ms Foo would always provide us with ample opportunities for practice, printing many questions for us to try and forcing us to come up with points within a few minutes. It was through these practices that I learnt to think on the spot and craft my essay structure quickly. By going through the essay or case study immediately, Ms Foo would fine-tune our points and hence develop our answering techniques. Such exam skills would not have been taught in a school tutorial setting.

Finally, Ms Foo would constantly encourage us during lessons. She would push us to aim higher and kept telling us she believed we could do it. While most of my peers were feeling frustrated and worried over Economics, I felt more confident with Ms Foo’s encouragement, together with the concepts and skills built. Eventually, I managed to score an ‘A’ for A Levels exam.

Thank you, Ms Foo!

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