Shubaa (Anderson Junior College)

Ms Foo is truly an inspirational Economics tutor! She has the ability to make the concepts seem weightless. Usually, we get baffled by how the theories link or how we explain this in an essay. Attending Ms Foo’s tuition made these worries seem pointless.

Ms Foo explains Economics in a layman manner such that I, a clueless JC2 student with a U grade in July 2010, managed to clinch an A for my ‘A’ Levels! After attending the group tuition classes, I was desperate for 1-to-1 sessions but our time did not allow that. As such, I wrote essays when I could and sought Ms Foo’s assistance in marking. Despite her packed schedule, Ms Foo voluntarily took extra time and effort to mark my essays with full details.

Honestly, I wish I started attending Ms Foo’s tuition since JC1 as I would not have to struggle towards the end. Nevertheless, the final lap was made smoother with Ms Foo’s invaluable explanations, awesome notes and enthusiasm!

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