Lim Wei Cheng (Nanyang Junior College)

Since JC1, I have been constantly achieving either a ‘S’ or ‘U’ grade for Economics. Despite an ‘E’ during my promotional examination, I still felt discouraged whenever I studied Economics.

However, when I entered EconsLab to be taught by Ms Foo, I began to learn Economics concepts at a much more interesting and easier level. It is definitely unlike the boring lectures we had in school. Moreover, apart from all the theoretical knowledge which we could derive from the textbook or lecture notes, Ms Foo also provided us with articles and many other relevant notes to aid us in learning Economics in the real world.

Although Economics may seem to be a difficult subject for me, the constant encouragement from Ms Foo had undoubtedly driven me to continue studying hard for it. I am very sure that many of the students who learnt under Ms Foo benefited from her great pool of knowledge as well as application of Economics terms in examinations.

Thank you, Ms Foo, for all your guidance and patience!

TestimonialKC Eng