Wong Wan Ting (Pioneer Junior College)

I joined Ms Foo;s H1 Economics tuition in August 2016 in JC2 after getting S for the mid-year examination. Although there wasn’t much time left till the A Levels, Ms Foo still tried her best to help us clear conceptual doubts by taking some time each lesson to clear our doubts.

At the time I joined, I had very weak exam skills and often unable to finish the paper on time. However, with Ms Foo’s training and awesome tips and tricks, I found myself spending less time reading the extracts and answering the questions more quickly and accurately!

Ms Foo’s explanations are always clear and easy to understand. She is also a patient and caring teacher who is dedicated in her teaching and hopes her student make the best out of her lessons. The notes that Ms Foo provides is also concise and makes it easy for quick recap before the exam.

I am really glad to join Ms Foo’s classes! I got an A grade for Economics! Thank you Ms Foo for your patience and guidance which made me enjoy going to your classes and to study Economics. Also, thank you for your encouragement which inspired me to work harder! Thank you for everything!

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