David Lim Chee Chuan (Innova Junior College)

I remembered when I first started embarking on H2 Economics, I do not have any idea about the subject itself. During my mid-year examinations, I attained a U grade and decided to enrol myself in Economics tuition.

At the beginning, Ms Foo began to identify my mistakes through my exam scripts and gave me valuable feedback for areas of improvement. Subsequently, I began doing additional practices for CSQs and essays and Ms Foo always takes time and effort reviewing and giving quality feedbacks through her post-it notes.

Ms Foo’s lessons are always engaging as she would incorporate real-life events into her lessons that allows us to better relate to the subject. Before the start of every lesson, Ms Foo would help to clarify any concepts that we are unsure of before proceeding on. To boost the quality of our essays, Ms Foo provides us with Economics articles that are relevant and up-to-date. True enough, after attending Ms Foo’s lessons, my grades have slowly improved and eventually attained an A grade at my GCE A levels examination.

Thank you Ms Foo for always constantly encouraging me and taking time to review my essays to provide quality feedback. Thanks for also allowing me to better appreciate and being able to relate to this subject better.

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