Phua Ian Hong Andrew (Hwa Chong Institution)

In 2005, I was a Year 2 student in Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). Being from the Arts Stream, my science and maths subject were very poor.

Thus it came to be that at the end of my Promotional Exams in 2004, I scored an F for my Economics.

Naturally, my mother was very worried as I continued failing Economics even in Year 2. About 2 months plus before the Actual “A” Levels examinations, she managed to secure Ms Foo as an Economics tutor for me.

Within these 2 months, Ms Foo diligently taught me and the end result was that I scored a “B” for my “A” Levels Economics! It is to be noted that all the way up till the “A” Levels, I had been failing Economics very consistently. All this can be credited to MsFoo’s teaching and effective strategy.

Firstly, she realised that with 2 months left till the exams, there was very little time left. Therefore, instead of teaching me everything all over again, she worked on my weakest areas in the subject. She also taught me the techniques of writing good Economics essay. Previously, I attempted to write in argumentative or literary styles with huge elaborations, which Ms Foo helped to correct. Quality over quantity!

Finally, she gave me a much needed boost in my confidence to face the dreaded exams. By believing in me, I felt empowered to face the “A”s, finally scoring a B! Compared to the F grade from my promotional exams the year before, it was a vast improvement!

When I showed my school Economics teacher my results, she simply couldn’t believe it! Without Ms Foo’s help, it certainly wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks to her, I now have a secure place in NUS!

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