Chee Jia Wei (Nanyang Junior College)

I started tuition with Ms Foo when I was in Year 2, after my block test in which I got a “S” grade for my H2 Economics.

During the first session with her, she was able to pinpoint my problems after going through my papers, which is unable to understand concepts fully and also not able to elaborate on the important concepts of the questions.

Ms Foo’s explanations are clear and she would pull in examples from real life to make her student understand the concepts better. She is also sure of her stuff, not needing to refer to any supplementary materials. Her explanations made me clearer of what I am studying.

In Economics, being able to link concepts together is important. To help me in this, she gave me many papers from different schools for me to practise on, showing me how one concept is able to link to another. During the sessions with her, she would sometimes discuss about news topic, adding it to our answers, making it more relevant, unique and value added.

Tuition with Ms Foo is challenging as sometimes, alternate viewpoints raised by her would challenge mine and through these, it made me more stable in tackling the questions on my own. I eventually scored a ‘B’ in GCE ‘A’ Levels! I am grateful to her for helping to improve my grades.

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