Lynette Yeo (National Junior College)

The two-hour sessions are just right and I am able to absorb most of the content and skills taught. I find the techniques taught to approach the questions to be very useful in exams. Since are are given at most 5 minutes to plan out the essay and structure it in a clear manner, techniques like identifying the “invisible” components to start the introduction paragraph and the “start and end points” become very helpful. In the few months of tuition, I have gained alot of exposure to questions at different levels of difficulty with different learning points as well. The extra practice helped in making me more comfortable to work within the restrictions set in each question and work within a short time period. The notes and the lessons really complement the other resources I bought in my first year in JC. The information and vigor expected can be found easily in the many guidebooks available on the market, so the lessons moved away from the regular content and focused more on exam-oriented skills and my personal weaknesses. I found that very effective and helpful for me.

ReviewKC Eng