Xiong Jia Xi (National Junior College)

I have always felt like I could not keep up with the class in school as the teacher was too fast and being a slightly slower learner, I got a U grade. After coming to Ms Foo’s class, my understanding of the subject improved drastically due to her patient and very coherent explanations, which facilitated learning at a breakneck pace. Ms Foo’s friendly demeanour is also very approachable – meaning that me and my classmates could easily speak up about any concerns we had, fine-tuning to our style of communication and making it possible to discuss questions effectively. Besides that, Ms Foo’s extensive knowledge of the subject enables real world learning, often teaching us applications of theoretical concepts in real life, and even helping us learn more about current events that are relevant to our studies – an important aspect of Economics as we are expected to write about that in our essays. The classroom that we learn in is also very conducive, being just the right size to engage the students.

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