Anthea Seit (Raffles Junior College)

Before I began Economics lessons with Ms Foo, I endured nearly an entire year of failing this baffling subject in 2008. To me, Economics seemed rather abstract, like something I could survive without understanding. Armed with that attitude, I acquired countless ‘S’ and ‘U’ grades rather consistently.

However, when a friend of mine had me convinced of Ms Foo’s competence and adeptness in teaching, I decided to give Economics tuition classes a shot in 2009.

Ms Foo’s patience and dedication proved effective, as my grades for Economics improved steadily from ‘S’s and ‘U’s to ‘D’s and finally ‘A’ in the A levels! Her precise and clear explanations made information palatable, and her illustrations made them memorable! Economics miraculously became my favourite subject, and I’m so glad the knowledge Ms Foo has imparted in me is able to help me better understand many scenarios and situations in the world!

Thank you Ms Foo! :D

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