Tian Yu (Catholic Junior College)

After joining Ms Foo’s tuition for Economics, my grades have significantly improved. From getting an S during my prelims in 2009, through her dedication in teaching and her willingness to help, I got a B for my Economics paper for my ‘A’ Levels. Within this short amount of time of 2 months, it is indeed a miracle for me to be able to jump by 5 grades and surely this is a fact that only Ms Foo can help me to achieve.

Her constant challenges to me so that I can improve and motivate myself to do better, her ‘never-give-up’ on me attitude had certainly a big role to play for me to be able to achieve the kind of results I have. Especially after getting a S for my Economics prelims, it was her encouragement that got me on my feet again to study for my A’s.

Truly a great and inspiring teacher who never fails to care for her students. I would like to say a big Thank You and I really appreciate the efforts you have put in for me!

TestimonialKC Eng