Ngoh Wanqin Hwa Chong Institution

Ms Foo was my Economics tuition teacher in my Junior College Year 2 (2008). Within the short period of a few months, Ms Foo had offered much help in improving my grade. During our discussion on the essay questions, she would offer many great pointers which I would not have thought of. This helped me develop better analytical skills as well as build up on my Economics concepts.

Miss Foo was patient in her teaching. A committed and conscientious teacher, she will cut out Economics-related newspaper articles for my reference. This enabled me to take note of current affairs which was useful in applying to essays. Furthermore, she has helped to boost my morale in the learning of Economics whenever I feel disheartened. With her guidance and encouragement, I have improved and obtained a satisfactory B grade for GCE ‘A’ Levels! I believe she would continue to attain great success in her teaching. All the best Ms Foo!

TestimonialKC Eng