Natalie Kuan (Raffles Institution)

I began lessons with Ms. Foo shortly after I received my common test results in late July 2009 which I scored an ‘S’ for Economics.

In the space of two months, she revised all the topics I had learnt over the year and also went through numerous sample questions from various prelim papers. Rather than having me write out answers, we discussed the answers to the questions verbally, which allowed for quick thinking and helped me to think of answers on the spot. By discussing the questions with her, I was also able to gauge better what the question required, improving both my time management and answering skills during the paper. We were also able to cover a wide variety of questions during the lessons, which also gave me a better grasp of the kind of questions which would come out in the paper.

Eventually, I scored an ‘A’ in the promotional exams 2009!

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