Yang Yibo (National Junior College)

I was from National Junior College from year 2006 to 2007. I took H2 Economics as my contrasting subject. I regretted taking Economics when I was in JC1 because it was a totally new subject and I couldn’t understand what was taught to me. I barely passed my Economics in JC1 by achieving an “E”.

The first half of my JC2 year was even worse for me. I failed my common test in school. I later found Ms Foo as my private Economics tutor. I cleared all my doubts regarding my school work and the concepts with her. She even gave me extra tips in scoring for Economics. Her teachings made me like Economics, slowly.

She was very patient with me even though I had many enquires. After learning under her for half a year, I scored a “C” for my Prelims which was around 80th percentile in my cohort. Eventually, I got an “A” for my GCE “A” Level exams.

I am very glad to be taught by Ms Foo because she is a great tutor. Thanks Ms Foo for helping me so much in my academics! I am truly grateful for what you have done for me! Once again, thank you very much.

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