JC Economics class practices and adhoc marking of students' assignments

It's just slightly more than a month before the start of the Prelims for some JCs. Class practice has been incorporated in the group tuition sessions to help students overcome their problem with time management. Detailed comment on their work also gave students a better idea of where their weaknesses are, what to look out for so that they can work on the feedback to achieve better outcome in the next class practice and leading to the GCE A Levels exams.

Adhoc assignments done by students are also marked and returned to the students at no additional charge. This has always been the practice since EconsLab's establishment more than 10 years ago. Ms Foo is happy when the students also take responsibility in improving their grades in the subject of Economics. And this marking service is what each and every students are entitled to when they are under the guidance of Ms Foo. 

Tension is no doubt building up as Prelims near. More scripts coming in for review after MYE and CT.