Adelyn Lim Hui Shan (Anderson Junior College)

I entered EconsLab after doing badly in Economics for my Year 1 Promotional Exam. Before I was being taught by Ms Foo, I found Economics a very difficult subject to excel in, because one not only needs to be well versed with Economics theories, but it also requires a lot of critical thinking and good time management. It was upon desperation that I decided to seek help from Ms Foo.

Ms Foo has the necessary command over the subject matter she teaches. Ms Foo is equipped with answers of any possible questions that may crop up during lesson time. I can still remember vividly the times where I would pose endless questions during lessons, and being a good communicator, Ms Foo is very comfortable in explaining things and enjoys doing so. We were given a lot of choices in our assignment, lessons were very flexible and interactive as we were encouraged to respond and speak up in class.

Ms Foo trained us to be on-the-spot thinkers. Ms Foo even welcomed additional work like essays from her students, so that she could mark and give very helpful and constructive comments which also helped in improving my understanding of the subject.

With a cheerful, responsible and motivating tutor like Ms Foo, I overcame the fear of the subject and eventually achieved an A in ‘A’ Levels Exam 2010! I entered EconsLab utterly confused and came out enlightened.

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