Susan Qin (Raffles Institution)

Before taking up tuition with Ms Foo, my Economics grade had always been alternating between ‘S’ and ‘E’ despite the fact that I felt I could understand the concepts taught in class. As the preliminary examination was approaching, I finally decided to seek help, which was when I found EconsLab.

Ms Foo was quick to identify the lapses in links in my way of answering questions and focused her effort on ensuring I could really grasp the application of the various concepts to all types of questions. Every lesson we would go through a different set of questions and brainstorm through all the possible points. The mode of discussion required me to be able to verbalise my thoughts quickly, which certainly helped to tackle the problem of thinking under time constraints that so often accompany Economics papers. Ms Foo would patiently guide me through the logical sequence form cause to effect that ensures arriving at a complete answer efficiently. From her lessons, I was able to adapt to the Economics way of thinking and approach Economics questions with confidence.

When I received my A Levels results, I was happily surprised with an A grade for Economics. Thank you Ms Foo for all your help and guidance, and for showing me that Economics can be a very enjoyable subject too!