Chua Jun Hui (Nanyang Junior College)

The only time that I passed my Economics for my school’s exam was during JC1 where I got an E. Following that, my results were atrocious for Economics with U and S. I tried my best in classes and exams but still, there was no improvement in my results. A Levels was round the corner and I started to panic. Hence, together with my friend, we went onto the internet to search for an inexpensive yet reputable Economics tuition. We came across Ms Foo’s tuition centre – EconsLab and after reading the previous testimonials and checking the fees, we decided to give it a go as everything seems good and the price is reasonable.

Ever since the first lesson, I did not regret enrolling for Ms Foo’s tuition as she made Economics more interesting and simple for me to understand. Ms Foo taught us concepts in relation to global events that are happening and that was what I really enjoyed and appreciated. There is this sense of pride and achievement when you are able to analyse how a certain event occurs and the possible economic consequences. It made me enjoy Economics more even though I still dread having to write 3 essays.

I would like to thank Ms Foo for the hard work and effort she has put in to ensure I understand the concepts and her friendliness that made me not afraid to ask questions to better understand the concepts. Economics became a subject I like and a subject for me to better understand how the economics of the world goes about, thanks to Ms Foo! I sincerely recommend enrolling in Ms Foo’s tuition for those who want to do well for their Economics. It was a great moment for me to see a ‘B’ for my Economics during A Levels!

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