Nicolas Soh (Anglo-Chinese School Independent)

After doing badly in the subject, I decided to seek help in learning Economics. As this subject was new to me, I needed assistance to understand the many Economic concepts. And through Ms Foo’s guidance, the subject became much clearer to me.

Ms Foo is very thorough in her guidance. Through her patience, explanations and real-life examples, I was able to grasp the Economic concepts. She also gave me very good pointers in answering questions. This has led to my essays having more depth in analysis and evaluation.

During the short period in which she coached me in my learning, I have gained much and have more confidence in the subject. Through her guidance, I did remarkably well in the final exams in 2009, scoring a distinction in the subject!

I am very pleased with my result, and Ms Foo played a huge role in helping me achieve it. I appreciate her guidance very much!

TestimonialKC Eng